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Welcome to SelfCheckout.ORG! On our website you will find out the manufacturers and suppliers of top self checkout systems for grocery stores, and for library self checkout. Self checkout is sometimes referred to automated checkout or do-it-yourself checkout. You will find here resources which will help you make a decision whether or not to install a supermarket self checkout, a self checkout kiosk, or a grocery self checkout, or a library self checkout system, easier. A self checkout scan can be installed either in addition to your existing check out lanes, or to completely replace them.

Computer technology on one hand is clearly the driver of self checkout systems trend. On the other hand, another driver of self checkout development was simply the realization that, in a brick and mortar business, especially groceries, or retail stores, the high cost of staff, called checkers, was clearly a big part of expenses, cutting into already thin margins in retail.

There are multiple establishments that are currently using self checkout lanes. Grocery stores were the first that took advantage of this modern technology, followed by home improvement stores, and large public libraries. The trend is on and large department stores seem to be next to switch to this modern self checkout technology.

Grocery store self checkout

The Fresh & Easy grocery stores in Southern California are famous for their exclusive use of self checkout lanes. They were the first self checkout grocery store in that area. Other large groceries were initially startled by the competition, and even tried to make it difficult for Fresh & Easy to operate by suggesting the new law to prohibit alcohol beverage purchases by the self checkout. However, such attempts did not go far, and the large groceries followed Fresh & Easy by adding self checkout lanes to their manned checkout lanes. It is astounding that, when you visit Ralphs grocery for instance, you will find that oftentimes the self checkout lanes are more crowded than the manned lanes. Why is that? Likely people really dislike standing in line, and feel that self checkout will work faster for them, which might be true.

What is the effect of using self checkout in grocery stores? We've noticed that many times, as you are doing the job of checkers, the grocery staff is trying to be helpful, get you through the self checkout lane, helps you packing. Also, while they tend the isles, the grocery staff is helpful while they still respect your privacy by not being too intrusive.

All in all, the introduction of grocery self checkout lanes seems to have brought a more human touch to the store. The staff is releived of the boring and repetitive work, and can now focus on better stocking the isles, on assisting shoppers that appear "lost", on offering free samples. Overall, staff simply seems happier in the self checkout grocery stores.

Home improvement stores

Home improvement stores such as Home Depot have reported the ability to use one instead of two staff checkers by employing a self checkout counter. The other staff can now be assigned to the selling floor. Home Depot has reported improved sales and profits due to that change. The lion share of such profits come from the ability of the point of sale self checkout to upsale the customer on similar related items. The other benefit was that Home Depot staff were now able to help customer with purchases of big ticket items. This clearly boosted the profits.


Some of the largest public libraries are using self service checkout points to speed up checking out and return of books. As all books are equipped with bar codes, checking out books can reduce to pressing the button, and sliding the book past the bar code reader. The same holds for book returns.

In our experience, depending on the system used, this system is not without flaws. As some books are well worn out, their bar codes are not completely legible, and therefore the reader is advised, after several unsuccessful attempts to scan the book, to see the checkout personnel.

For details on selection of self checkout systems, see self service checkout. If you are looking into the choices of self service software brands, see self service software. For modern trends in self checkout equipment, see web self service.


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